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Intermediary Program

Eligible intermediaries:

  • Hotels
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Trust Companies
  • Consultants
  • Office Space Rental/Leasing Agents
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Websites / Portals in the serviced physical & virtual office sector


  • Cheaper rates than anywhere else for what is the best service provider in Cyprus in the best and most central location – room for greater margins for you (indicatively our VO prices are at least 50% cheaper than competitors)
  • No need to allocate staff, resources and purchase expensive equipment for such non-core activities
  • Strict non-competition policy – we recognize that the client is YOURS and we do not, under any circumstances, make recommendations for referrals to your competitors
  • More professional handling of mail/telephones/faxes/visits and immediate response by specially trained staff
  • Bigger capacity and no overlap with your other work
  • Increase the range of services provided to your clients

Pricing: 10% commission / discount to our rates to direct clients


A. We bill the client and pay commission to you at the end of each month


B. We bill the intermediary at the discounted (by 10%) rate and the intermediary, in turn, bills the final client directly.

It is possible in this case, especially for the virtual office packages, that the final client does not know the provider but only deals with the intermediary (white labeling – own branding).

Also, in addition, messages / mail / contact can be forwarded directly to the intermediary and not the final client (confidentiality – important for accountants and lawyers) and we liaise only with the intermediary.

Ultimate beneficial ownership and final client details as well as KYC – due diligence documentation ARE NOT required from the intermediaries (confidentiality – important for accountants and lawyers)

For more information contact us with your requirements and we’ll call you back or call us on +357 2226-8300 or email us at


Contact Details

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2nd Floor
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2024 Nicosia,

Postal Address:

P.O.Box 22783
Tel + 357 2226 8300
Fax + 357 2258 6900

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