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IT and FULL Business Support Services

1. Full Business Support Services

  • Visitor handling, reception, meetings management, concierge and travel support
  • Secretarial support
  • Administrative support
  • Payroll outsourcing services
  • Invoicing outsourcing service
  • Collections and Credit Control support – outsourcing service (support, calls, management no decision making in any case)
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting outsourcing service
  • Document certification services
  • In-house courier services
  • Mail receipt and forwarding
  • “Accounting department” outsourcing services for businesses who cannot afford in-house functions
  • Marketing, Sales promotion and Sales Call Handling Services (but no conclusion of sales)
  • Virtually all “non-regulated” business support leaving ONLY the decision making to you, without the unnecessary “procedural hassle” that is handled by our expert and very professional staff!

Arranging for (by 3rd parties)…

  • Recruitment Services by our officially licensed Human Resources subsidiary (RealTalent Executive Search and Selection Ltd.)
  • Legal Services and Company Formation (By officially licensed lawyers!)
  • Financial Statements, Audit, Tax Work via licensed audit / accountancy firms
  • Company and Trust management and administration by officially licensed corporate service providers (provision of company directors, trustees, company secretary, nominee shareholder, registered office and other trustee or nominee services)

…Even Super-Luxury Car rentals to impress your clients!!!!


2. IT, Telecoms and Web … The FULL scope of services at any scale and size

In the modern business world, access to an up-to-date Information Technology (“IT”) infrastructure and telecommunications (“telecoms”) is essential. Our IT infrastructure and telecoms have been recently upgraded with the latest switches and routers to provide state of the art IT infrastructure and telecommunications. The upgrade included a new Alcatel based telephone system, digital and SIP trunk services, and new handsets for all serviced office workstations.

Our standard infrastructure and telecoms will meet the needs of most clients’ IT requirements but should you have more complex specific requirements, we have the in-house capability to tailor a solution specific to your needs.  These include:

  • Ultra High-Speed Internet:
    A typical Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (“ADSL”) is by definition asynchronous and has a contention ratio of between 20 and 50. This means that the upload capacity is much lower than the download capacity and that the service is shared between 20 to 50 other users. The net result is variable performance and slow uploads. Our standard internet service is a synchronous link providing bandwidth of up to 10Mb/s for both uploads and downloads with a contention ratio of zero i.e. it is dedicated link to the internet. The bandwidth will be shared with other users in the serviced office suites or a dedicated link per suite can be provided for an additional fee. The standard 10Mb/s is upgradable to 100Mb/s should additional capacity be required.
  • Industry Partnership Relationships:
    We have partnerships with leading providers of  IT services that enable us to provide bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. These include:
    • Dedicated server hosting including email, data and application servers
    • Web hosting
    • Email hosting
    • Web design
    • Backup / Data Storage solutions
    • VPN Support
    • IT Support.

      This enables us the flexibility to expand on the wide range of in-house services we provide to include any unique high level requirements you may have

  • Video Conferencing facility:
    We have recently installed a state of the art Video conferencing solution. The newly installed system provides High Definition (“HD”) 1920×1080 resolution picture quality at 30 frames per second i.e. real-time, and Full Duplex HD sound on 55 inch LED displays and can include up to 16 independent callers on a single call. The HD Cameras provide HD images in real-time and the 16-microphone always on digital teleconferencing phone completes the solution.We also have experience on-site IT staff to assist you with all of your IT and telecommunications requirements.
  • Server Room:
    The Business Centre includes a modern, access controlled, air-conditioned, secure computer room that houses the core business centre telecommunications equipment. There are two full size racks that can be utilised by Business Centre clients to house servers of their own. This service is not included and will be charged based upon the rack real-estate utilised and the level of support required.

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